An Eye-Opening Week Of Wearing Leather Pants

I have never worn, let alone purchased, a pair of leather pants in my life. For me, they conjure up images of a super-sexy Lana Del Rey riding on the back of a motorcycle in head-to-toe leather with cowboy boots. With 0% stretch, leather is way more unforgiving than even denim (which I end up unbuttoning after every meal). Its bodycon aesthetic makes me self-conscious, and as someone who hates “breaking in” anything, the stiffness of leather scares me a lot. I can’t think of a look or clothing item that is less me.Thus, I approached this week frantically googling “how to wear leather pants without being too sexy” – a fruitless search, it turns out. But by the end of this experiment, my sartorial blind spot was no more. Once I explored the leather pants market – and the vast variety of fits and styles available – my outlook totally changed.They’re like jeans, but even more complicated when it comes to fit. The material is crucial, which is also what makes their price


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