5 Fashion Takeaways From Last Night's SAG Awards Red Carpet

The morning after an award show, even one as relatively intimate and niche as the SAG Awards, is always a little bit grim. The bright lights, flashing cameras, big fancy trophies and gathering of all our favorite A-list celebrities make for a heady cocktail indeed, and once it’s all over and done with, it\'s hard not to fall into some post-party withdrawal. But just because the night is over doesn\'t mean the fashion — what we look forward to most — has to end with it.Where the Golden Globes and the Oscars are all about glitz and glamour, the low-key vibe of the SAG Awards allows its guests to don looks that show off more of their own personal style. With that comes more risks on the designer front (with a record number of tonight\'s attendees wearing non-traditional red carpet designers) and more trends that we can actually wear (not that we haven\'t been searching for a sequin bib to buy since spotting Timothée Chalamet\'s Golden Globes look).So to keep the award show hype going ju