31 Perfect Looks To Copy This January

For many, the start of a new year is seen as a time to declutter, to cut back, and to trim the excess — closet included.If you can remember, 2018 saw many-a fashion trends come and go, with some we skipped out on, some we invested in, and some we wish we hadn\'t. But before you toss the pieces you swear you\'ll never wear again, we\'re giving them one more chance. Because if there\'s anything the New Year truly brings, it\'s a fresh perspective — and it turns out that so-2018 checked blazer or puffer coat might still have some life in it.So while the outfits ahead are offering up new inspiration for the year ahead, they\'re also showing you it is possible to get a little more creative with the items you already own. Remember: some trends are worth buying, and some are worth reinventing. And we can\'t think of a better resolution than creating the perfect balance of the two.White tights > black tights, any day.It\'s all about matching this winter, so start subtly by matching your mittens to