29 Sentimental Charm Necklaces You'll Never Take Off

During your youth, you probably shared an affinity for charm necklaces with your BFF. And while sentimental at the time, those candy store puzzle hearts probably ended up tangled at the bottom of your jewelry box when more sophisticated pieces entered your life. But as we’ve continued to see wrapped around the necks of just about every fashion person out there, the charm necklace (usually in the form of gold pendants) has taken center stage once again.Adding the finishing touch to any outfit, the charm necklaces of today come in avariety of forms, and are often best layered with other pieces to add the signature, personal flair that makes an ensemble feel uniquely you. And with the rise in popularity for the style across the board, there’s truly something special to fit every style and sentiment out there in the universe.So whether you’re looking to treat yourself to a new personalized charm, a decorated zodiac symbol to add to your favorite chain, or perhaps a unique necklace to