25 Wedding Dresses That Are Perfect For A Beach Bride

It\'s hard to imagine a more romantic setting for a wedding than at the beach. Swapping vows at sunset, feeling the sand in between your toes, and a breathing in fresh sea salt-infused air that gives your hair that perfectly tousled look. Now that you\'re picturing this gorgeous scene, let\'s complete the vision with the all-important dress. Wedding dresses come down to personal taste, but if you\'re thinking of hosting an oceanside soirée there are a few basic criteria to consider: no tight long sleeves (because, heat), nothing so long that you could trip over it on your way to the altar, and heavy fabric is definitely out.Focus your search for the perfect beach wedding gown on those made of lightweight, breathable fabrics like linen or cotton and keep an eye out for something special that plays off the natural setting of sun, sand, and sea. There\'s a ton of bohemian options on offer and we\'re pro playing with color as a nontraditional option. So get your Pinterest boards ready and scrol