25 Galentine's Day Gifts To Get Your Inner Circle

Valentine\'s Day is one of those things, like sushi or Pete Davidson, that you either really love... or really, really hate — and for good reason. If you\'re blissfully matched, February 14th is an excuse to get dressed up, drink a little too much champagne and pull out that sexy little lingerie set you got 50% off during last month\'s boxing day sales. But, if you\'re not romantically attached, it can be, well, kind of cringey. Or rather, it was, until people (a.k.a. the writers behind Parks and Recreation) wised up and created a holiday just for us singles to celebrate with the people we are attached to: our best friends.Galentine\'s Day, a mock-holiday turned real holiday (sort of) got its start when Amy Poehler\'s Parks protagonist, Leslie Knope, gave us a new reason to get brunch with our friends and give out kitschy gifts. According to Knope, \"it\'s like Lilith Fair, but with frittatas.\" Need we say more? Falling on February 13th, this soon-to-be national holiday is only three short