21 Dresses That Would Clinch A First Impression Rose On The Bachelor

On Monday, we will embark on the process (sorry, journey) of drinking several glasses of red wine as we watch a man who doesn’t know what he wants make questionable choices in a new season of The Bachelor. We can\'t help it. Week after week we tune in to see which relationships progress and which ultimately flop, with each episode concluding in a supremely high-stakes Rose Ceremony, where the lead hands out flowers to women who he wants to continue getting to know. Oh, the anticipation!Cocktail dresses make up the majority of Rose Ceremony style with the exception of night one where most contestants opt for gowns. The dresses are meant to be showstoppers, a few extra feathers to put on a proper peacock in hopes of being memorable since their personalities have barely had time to shine and a lot is weighing on style and flare. The contestants buy their own outfits for the show and it usually comes at a steep cost — but at least they can take comfort in knowing that if they don’t en