18 Fancy Suits To Wear For Any Winter Occasion

The holidays are over but that doesn\'t mean your social calendar will disappear completely. Weddings, fundraisers, and other fancy events are bound to beckon your presence on the coldest winter days even if you\'d rather stay inside snuggled under the covers. If you have a special occasion coming up and are dreading the thick tights versus bare freezing legs dilemma, we\'ve got another idea — fancy pant suits.Swap out your cocktail dresses for this sophisticated party outfit option that looks as sleek on the dance floor (where you can go low without a care) as it does in group photos. Not only are suits flattering, but they\'ll also keep you much warmer than a dress would. Choose a pant suit in a luxurious fabric like velvet or satin for an elevated look. When it comes to styling, we suggest wearing a silky blouse underneath or taking the plunge with some double stick fashion tape. You\'ve got a look that will satisfy any dress code and make you stand out in a sea of skirts and dresses.A