17 Winter Hats That'll Ward Off Brain Freeze All Season Long

Winter has officially arrived, and with it, the need for a fresh stock of cold weather accessories. Blanket scarves, down mittens, a few layers of long underwear perhaps — but if there\'s one thing I learned from growing up in the Windy City, it\'s that all the scarves and gloves in the world won\'t keep you truly toasty without a real winter hat to top it all off. Unfortunately, finding one to brace the winter in that\'s both stylish and functional can be a bit tricky.Enter: 2019, which is gearing up to be the year of hats. After scouring the winter accessories sections of every retailer from Urban Outfitters to Net-a-Porter, we\'re here to announce that this particular array of headgear has gotten a serious makeover. From beanies to berets, bucket hats to the suddenly trendy balaclavas (thanks, Calvin Klein), the days of sacrificing your outfit for the sake of staying warm are at last a thing of the past.So before another day goes by wearing the same pilled beanie you\'ve had since colle