14 Luxe-Leather Backpacks That Are Too Cool For School

The backpack has evolved far beyond its humble beginnings as a practical vessel for toting books, binders, and gel pens. The once function-first carryall now comes in an array of funky shapes, polarizing sizes, and rich hues, taking us from first days of school to stylish nights out on the town. Since we\'ve graduated past mesh and nylon packs, it\'s time to invest in a classic fabric that\'s built for fashion longevity: leather.Leather backpacks run the gamut of price and style with a range of luxe-looking options clocking in well under $100. There are faded fabrics that a create cool-vintage effect or sleek-matte finishes that give off a more glamorous feel. Another added bonus of today\'s fashion-forward packs are its versatile wear and carrying abilities — you can opt for the standard two-strap, chill one-strap, or chic no-strap (a.k.a. top-handling it) looks. And if you\'re feeling extra edgy, go all in with the backward-pack look and sport it across your chest. Scroll on to check ou