12 Conscious Items to Make Your Wardrobe More Ethical

The fashion industry pendulum is starting to shift towards the desire for more conscious clothing. In fact, the CFDA in particular is doubling down on sustainable fashion. While there’s still a long road ahead, there are several brands that are paving the way towards this movement by offering forward and directional pieces that also happen to be ethically-made — essentially kiboshing the notion that “ethical clothing” means hemp necklaces and calico dresses.Some of these you may be familiar with like Stella McCartney, who has basically reinvented the idea of cruelty-free fashion by only using vegan leather, for example, in her collections. Other major lines like Dr. Martens and Veja (one of Meghan Markle’s favorites) have also launched sustainable vegan offerings as well. And while fast-fashion brands are often problematic with their dangerous working conditions and questionable sourcing practices, many like H&M are moving towards a more positive, conscious change with items