You're About To See This Ring Style Everywhere Come 2019

Here\'s a thought: What makes signet rings different from the rest? Where we used to see fingers weighed down by dozens of tiny, stackable rings, we\'re now more accustomed to a carefully curated selection of heirloom-style pieces — one of which being the beloved pinky rings we\'re here to talk about. Signet rings were once used as a stamp of sorts, designed with your family crest, signature or monogrammed initials embedded on the front. Now, long since the Medieval Ages when this ring style was first designed, signet rings are worn more for their looks than anything else.A swift scroll through Instagram and you\'ll see that signet rings are everywhere. Between collaborations with some of our favorite influencers and styles à la the jewelry designers we\'ve known forever, there\'s no shortage of options on the market right now. So whether you go old school and don it on your littlest finger or modernize it with a bigger style, we\'re making it easy to get ahead of this season\'s biggest jew