You Can Now Enroll At A Gucci School

No matter your shopping habits — online or in-store, luxury or fast-fashion — it\'s just as important these days to know where your clothes come from, specifically how they\'re made. By now, we know what makes clothes expensive (like a $100k gown or a $78 white T-shirt) or cheap (and usually made by a child), but also the harm they can do on the environment. And we\'re smarter shoppers because of it.Photo: Courtesy of Gucci.But Gucci is taking its transparent and ethical production process a step further and honoring the technical level of their staff. The Italian fashion house has founded the Gucci École de l’Amour, an education program aimed at bolstering the technical skills associated with the label\'s artisanal craft and production. In other words: the workforce for specialized factory work is aging, so somebody\'s got to carry on the art of master tailoring and intricate embroidery. Based in Milan, the fellowship-style program sees factory-level work respected as any other tier