Why We Love Colville, The Latest Editor-Founded Fashion Brand

The co-founders of Colville look at fashion through the same lens but with different eyes.As Lucinda Chambers, one-third of the collective that bills itself as the “antithesis of fast-fashion”, puts it: “Kristin [Forss] doesn’t usually wear a lot of color, but she’s incredibly picky about tailoring. Molly [Molloy] is a bit out there. And I’m a bit older.”It’s amazing, then, that the trio — all formerly of Marni, add a Fashion Director post at British Vogue for Chambers — manages to find a consensus to create Colville\'s distinctive, unified aesthetic to create the type of clothes you can stare at, searching for a feeling or waiting for them to say something.When the mid-luxury ready-to-wear label launched earlier this year, praise was modest. An expertly designed and curated selection of asymmetrical and multilayered dresses, beanies inspired by balaclavas, modern jewelry, and trousers garnered attention outside of its founders’ celebrity. With “out there” prin