What Happens To Becky Sharpe At The End Of Vanity Fair?

Warning: Spoilers for Amazon Prime’s Vanity Fair adaptation ahead. Vanity Fair, William Makepeace Thackeray’s 1848 novel about a woman determined to claw her way up the social ladder, was originally sub-titled: “A novel without a hero.” And in a way, that’s true. No one really comes out a winner in this story, nor is anyone particularly altruistic. But there’s something so delicious about a female-driven story that allows its protagonist to be genuinely devious without judging her.Enter Becky Sharp, the ambitious and quick-witted status seeker who transgresses so many of the staid conventions of 19th century women.Maybe that’s why, over the years, actresses — including, famously, Reese Witherspoon —  have clamored to play her. The latest on screen adaptation of the novel comes courtesy of Amazon Prime Video, and stars Olivia Cooke ( Thoroughbreds, Ready Player One) as Becky. Written by Gwyneth Hughes’, the seven-part series follows our Queen-Bee-in-training from