Treat Yourself To These Worth-The-Splurge Silk Pajamas

The weekend is finally here. You can breathe out a sigh of relief — you\'ve earned it. But haven\'t you also earned the ability to lounge around and watch Netflix in something other than the high school sports T-shirt you\'ve been wearing for a decade?Think about it: You\'ve started to embrace adulting in so many other areas of your life — doing your dishes instead of letting them sit for five to seven days, doing your own taxes, etc. — so why should your pajamas fall to the wayside? You work like an adult, you deserve to relax like an adult too. And a nice set of silk pajamas is the perfect place to start.Sure, they don\'t come cheap, but these pieces double as street-clothes too, so you\'re really getting double the wear for your money. And honestly, what\'s more grown-up than wearing fancy PJs to work? Click on to step into what adulthood really feels like. Hint: it\'s silky soft.At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks


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