Too Lazy (& Too Cold) To Go Out? Host A Girls’ Night In

Bailing last-minute on plans is simultaneously the worst and best feeling in the world. We love doing it because it means we can stay in, be lazy, cozy up, and save ourselves from going out into the winter cold. But we also hate it because canceling on friends is a crummy move. Do it often and your inner circle will label you “the flaky one” behind your back, and it won’t be anyone\'s fault but your own.The solution? Host a low-key girls’ night in — it’ll satiate your desires to stay in and be social. Think of it as an old-fashioned slumber party with a grown-up twist (minus the actual sleepover part). All you have to do is tidy up the home and gather some fun supplies and activities — of course, we just so happen to have 10 staying-in essentials ahead, like cozy Cuddl Duds layers, rejuvenating face masks, a tarot deck, and more. Then order delivery and get a round of gossip going — you’re in for a different kind of wild night.Make it a before-and-after group selfie mo