Tired Of Your Black Tights? Try These 8 Graphic Tights Instead

esides the obvious reason to protect our bodies from the elements, the purpose of clothing has always been to present the best versions of ourselves. Up until recently, that meant creating the illusion that our legs are skinnier, butts smaller, boobs bigger, “x body insecurity and image of beauty society deemed on trend”. But we no longer spend our precious brain cells worrying about such things – we haven’t for some time now.

In winters past, black tights were the ultimate neutral pants alternate due to their ability to detract attention away from the legs. But this season we’re doing a lil’ switcheroo. We’re bringing the focal point to our wonderful legs that enable us to walk, run, and go all of the places we need to go. We love them so much, why did we ever want to hide them in the first place? Our new all-about-legs philosophy has us exploring the many printed tights out there, from designer options to looks that you can DIY-customize with pairs you may already own. We’re also in the camp that most things are better in twos. So we enlisted two flexible babes – professional contortionists, in fact! – to showcase this season’s brightest and most whimsical tights while simultaneously performing editorial trust falls/leans/handstands.