This Winter: Pile On As Many Coats As Possible

A noble ogre named Shrek once said “Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. You get it. We both have layers.” Yes, he was referring to the many emotional layers of human beings (or ogres). But it also brings to mind a key winter styling tip: layering your winter coats as a fashion statement. It’s an opportunity to pile on textures and showcase your style – even and especially when you’re outside braving the bitter cold. For us maximalists, layering is in our style DNA. We’ve always been in the camp that more is more, and that philosophy applies to our outerwear as well. Balenciaga’s FW18 collection took layering to a farcical level: hoodies, windbreakers, anoraks, parkas, etc. were carried by models making their way down the runway. The Cut’s Emilia Petrarca gave the stunt a go on her Instagram. While these experiments in extreme layering tickle our imagination, they’re unrealistically chunky. But it got us out of mental hibernation to brainstorm ho