These 25 Unexpected Holiday Gifts Are Guaranteed To Impress

You\'ve made a list, and you\'ve checked it once, twice, maybe even three times, yet somehow, a good chunk of names are still missing a solid gift idea next to them. Before you start regretting your promise not to take the easy route — re-gifting that unwanted candle or resorting to pre-made gift baskets at the eleventh hour — remember that finding an impressive present isn\'t always about fulfilling a wish list or finding the heftiest price tag.In fact, the best presents take advantage of what your giftee may not have thought to buy themselves. Instead of peeking through their recent Amazon searches, consider gifts they didn\'t even know they needed: travel-friendly bikini wash packets, a cookbook from the kitchen of fashion royalty, or even a pair of blue light protection glasses to combat their consistent screen use. Ahead, we\'ve rounded up some presents that are just as meaningful as they are unexpected. Give Santa a run for his money with one of our 25 most out-of-the-box picks th