The Prettiest Birthstone Jewelry For Sentimental Gifting

For most of us, the first piece of jewelry we were gifted probably centered around a birthstone. While certainly sentimental, that pair of studs or delicate necklace from our grandma usually ended up at the bottom of our jewelry boxes when more sophisticated, less cheesy replacements came around. But looking back now, perhaps Granny knew something that we didn\'t. After all, jewelry holds two purposes – to pull an outfit together and to add personal flair — and a birthstone checks both boxes.Thanks to a rise in the popularity of colored gemstones, a wide range of modern silhouettes are now available to put a refreshing twist on those once dated-feeling topazes and opals. So let the colorful baubles for every birth month inspire you to reconsider that childhood gift — either as an investment piece for yourself or a surprise for someone special. After all, the best presents often come in the smallest packages, and a personalized pair of drop earrings or a beautifully-crafted births