Raf Simons Exits Calvin Klein, Effective Immediately

On Friday, Calvin Klein, Inc. and its first-ever chief creative officer, Raf Simons, announced that they would be parting ways — effective immediately. According to WWD, the parties arrived at the decision amicably, and that the brand has decided on a different direction, one that does not align with Simons\'s vision. For the past two years, the Belgian designer has created Americana ready-to-wear infused with his own artistic inspirations, inspired often by pop artist Andy Warhol and film. Several weeks ago, rumors of tension between Calvin Klein executives and Simons made headlines — including the announcement that the company would stop print advertisements.Earlier in September, the company set out to pull back some of Simons\'s responsibilities and drew a contract the reflected a role with fewer input. WWD also reports that, last fall, Klein decided that areas of the business, like visual merchandising, store concepts, public relations, e-commerce, and more would no longer repor



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