Now That We Love K-Pop & K-Beauty, This Website Is Introducing Us To Korean Fashion

Over the past year, Korean womenswear designer Jee Won has been working on Suggesty, a personal styling/e-commerce app and website featuring curated Korean fashion brands indexed into a shoppable database. Suggesty is still in beta, with an expected rollout in early 2019 – but Won timed her brand’s launch perfectly.“K-Beauty and K-Pop hit the U.S. rather hard,” the former Eli Tahari womenswear designer tells Refinery29. “The U.S. is already fascinated with Korean culture. I think K-Fashion already has the same potential. It is enough to hold Americans captive.” (According to Mintel, a global market intelligence agency, the Korean beauty market has quickly become one of the world’s top 10 industries and made an estimated $13.1 billion in sale in 2018. The worldwide dominance of music groups like BTS, meanwhile, has proven out K-Pop\'s mass appeal.)Suggesty is currently working with over forty Korean fashion brands, from established international labels to up-and-coming st