Melania Trump Wore Appropriate Shoes For Once — & People Are Upset

Whether or not Melania Trump is trolling her husband (or us) when she gets dressed is up for debate, but one thing is certain: whatever FLOTUS wears gets a reaction out of the general public. To date (and not without good reason), people have raged against her wearing a Zara jacket featuring the phrase “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” to visit migrant children in Texas, those \'storm stilettos \' during a visit to tour the damage that Houston incurred during Hurricane Harvey, and the white pantsuit (maybe?) thought to be a nod to Hillary Clinton and suffragettes. The latest item from Melania\'s wardrobe causing consternation: a pair of wheat-colored Timberland construction boots.On Wednesday, she accompanied her husband on a surprise Boxing Day visit to Iraq to meet with American troops stationed at Al Asad Air Base, wearing a suede mustard belted blouse and dark green pants with the boots for the occasion. As soon as photos hit the internet, Twitter users were quick to point out her c