Instagram Girls Will Love These Gifts

We all have that one friend. The one that almost exclusively makes purchases based on Instagram posts, needs an outfit pic on the way to brunch, and is always DM’ing you. Yep, we love ‘em. And if you’re a black belt stalker like us, figuring out what they want this holiday season is a breeze. First tip: scroll through their IG feed to get an idea of their aesthetic. It\'s an ideal reference for what trends, colors, silhouettes, textures and vibes they\'re really into at the moment. Second tip: see which brands or influencers they\'re following. You\'ll be able to glean a lot from taking a quick peek at who is worthy of making it onto their feed.And once you make some educated gift purchases, your \'gram-obsessed pal won\'t just be touched by your thoughtfully chic choices – they\'ll wonder if you\'re psychic.Click through for the 25 gifts your Instagram friend will absolutely love.Brainstorming the plethora of layering outfits we can make out of this one.Elliss Jaybird T, $140, availab