How To Dress For Every Sort Of Winter Forecast

As we all know, winters are not made equal. The Midwest is regularly blanketed in feet of snow, the Pacific Northwest is generally wet and wild, lucky Southern California is chilly at best, and the Mid-Atlantic is always in for a surprise with its grab bag of a forecast. But, at some point, everyone (with maybe the exception of those living in the dry, desert areas) is bound to experience some degree of each winter version.To help deal, we’ve outlined four different outfit ideas for each of the diverse winter climates, from one coast to the other. The one thing each look has in common? The leggings and long-sleeve tops from Cuddl Duds keep them cozy, serving as either base layers or standalone pieces. Ahead, we present how we would assemble the looks for every winter situation. As you’ll see, there are plenty of ways to stay stylish and cute this season, even if your surroundings aren’t.L.A. Winter Forecast: Sunny But ~Still~ ChillyLos Angelenos will always argue that they, too,