GingerNutz: The Orangutan Fashion Icon Inspired By Grace Coddington

The story of GingerNutz, the Bornean orangutan at the center of Michael Roberts and Grace Coddington\'s series of illustrated books, is a heartwarming tale of what the fashion industry could be like if we all took ourselves a little less seriously. Sure, she\'s a monkey — but, even in the toughest of places, like Paris Fashion Week, the setting of their second installment, GingerNutz Takes Paris — she\'s as qualified as any other model trying to make a name for herself in the business. But how GingerNutz was born is a tale just as charming as the fashion icon herself.It goes like this: A few years ago, when Coddington\'s birthday was on the horizon, her best pal of more than 30 years, longtime Vanity Fair fashion director and journalist Roberts, drew an invitation for her that depicted the legendary Vogue editor as a chic, orange-haired orangutan. \"She didn\'t get the invitation because the people around Grace — talking for Grace rather than talking to her — thought that she\'d be co