End 2018 On A High Note With These 14 Fashion Gifts That Give Back

While the glitzy parties, twinkling lights and saccharine made-for-TV movies would have us believe that the holidays are all happy all the time, this time of year — especially after a year like this one — are the hardest for a lot of people. Between once close-knit families finding themselves on opposite sides of every argument and the tragic news notifications we receive on a nearly-hourly basis, it seems only right to use this holiday season, especially, to give back.No matter your cause of choice — from the ACLU to Planned Parenthood — there\'s a fashion brand making it their holiday mission to help you support it. So before you tackle that formidable Hanukkah-Kwanza-Christmas list you\'ve been putting off, see how you can check off every name on your list andgive back to those who need it most.Ahead, we\'ve rounded up 14 brands that are dedicating this holiday season to doing good. Because while we might be living in trying times, there\'s always something more we can do to hel