Christmas Sweaters: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Some people measure holiday spirit by how soon you start playing Mariah Carey\'s version of ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’, some by when you put up the tree (after Thanksgiving is highly encouraged), yet others measure it by how cheeky and over-the-top your knitwear collection is. No, we\'re not talking about if you own enough oversized turtlenecks and cozy sweaters. We’re talking about ugly sweaters. Those we can\'t help but cringe and love all at the same time.Each year, the selection of these lovable yet tacky sweaters gets better than ever — and by “better” we mean that there are simply more options of hideous to choose from. Sure, you can always find your standard (and questionable) snowflake printed sweaters, but you can also count on ones with new pop culture references and even interactive sweaters (yes, you read that correctly). So, no matter if you’re going to an actual ugly sweater party, you want to have a sure conversation starter, or you\'re back home for th


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