A Week Of Wearing Fancy Sequins

My \"party clothing\" drawer consists of very squeaky vinyl pants, some sexy slips, nippies (an essential), and a few sparkly sequin pieces. They see the light of a disco ball about five times a year, particularly right now, with the holidays and New Year’s Eve looming. The dilemma: I am immediately drawn to anything sparkly and glittery, which in most cases is the fabric of choice for going-out clothes. Yet I’m a homebody, and hate the idea of spending the night out at the klerb. But you know what? It’s time to free our minds, to squash that tired idea of clothing that is only worn for the specific purpose of hitting the town.This festive time of year is the perfect opportunity to rethink and expand all things sequin. Wear your sequins to the library! To work! To that coffee shop down the street, even if you\'re only getting a drip coffee (not even a fancy latte)! Things that sparkle draw attention naturally, but finding a way to downplay the look without dulling the shine was the