A Funny Thing Happened When Melania Trump Got Dressed Yesterday

If you thought the internet collectively lost its shit over Melania Trump wearing a pair of wheat-colored Timberland construction boots, then hold on tight. Because what she wore after her three-hour surprise visit to Al Asad Airbase in Iraq was an optical illusion – an unfortunate one.On Thursday, FLOTUS returned to the White House with her husband wearing a hip-length, forest green, belted wool coat, dark oversized sunglasses, tan flats and . . . a pair of fitted leather pants in a shade of tan incredibly close to her own skin tone. Yes, our eyes were playing tricks on us.It didn\'t take long for the trompe l\'oeile (Trump l\'oeile?!) to get roasted on Twitter. Reactions ranged from confused, like @SweetBabbyJesus, who asked \"Can someone tell me why @ FLOTUS got off of Marine One without pants and shoes and wearing sunglasses at night? I’m legit curious,\" to assumptions that the choice was intentional, like user @Carlolol2, who wrote \"Holy crap. That is a MINI, mini-skirt.\" Trump