A Few Questions About Justin Bieber's "House Of Drew" Clothing Line

As 2018 comes to a close, there\'s something we need to discuss. It\'s not Miley Cyrus\' secret wedding, or Kris Jenner\'s explicit luggage — it\'s Justin Bieber\'s clothing line, House of Drew.House of Drew is Bieber\'s foray into the world of (couture? satirical?) clothing, and after noticing that he debuted his first \"for purchase\" item this week, it has left me somewhat baffled. I didn\'t want to spend my Christmas tweeting about how ugly the jewelry is, or how cheap the slippers he gifted his wife, Hailey, look. But I did, for journalism.In case you, too, have been wondering what is going on with our favorite grown-up Canadian pop star, I\'ve gathered as many answers as I could about this entrepreneurial experiment (mark my words, this clothing line will not last past 2019 —  no offense), because What Is Going On? View this post on Instagram cheap ol’ regular drew house slippers, get ‘em now. LINK IN BIO A post shared by Drew House (@drewhouse) on Dec 25, 2018 at