5 Times Meghan Markle's Style Broke The Internet

In the days leading up to the Royal Wedding back in May, Meghan Markle completely dominated the global news cycle: Would her father walk her down the aisle? Would she be able to call herself a princess? What did she think of her maybe-racist future in-laws? And everyone wanted to know: what she was going to wear on her Big Day?Seven months later, the newest addition to the royal family has remained a breath of fresh air. The Duchess of Sussex is someone who isn’t afraid to literally wear the pants; both her persona and style bring a certain excitement reminiscent of her late mother-in-law Princess Diana. It\'s a fascination that\'s led the media (us included!) to cover her every messy bun, deleted social media account, and J.Crew purchase. Turns out, we weren\'t alone.On Wednesday, Google released its 2018 Year in Search, research determining the most-searched terms of the year, and Prince Harry\'s beloved places high on multiple lists. She\'s ranked number five on the list of most-sear