30 Gifts Perfect For The Pop Culture Fanatic In Your Life

Sorry bullies of the 1980s, but it\'s cool now to be a \"geek.\" Fandoms have become massive communities emerging from an equal balance of cult tv shows (R.I.P. Firefly) and multi-million dollar blockbuster films. Nerding out over pop culture is in and it\'s likely you have a few fanatics on your holiday gifting list this year.Luckily, they\'re going to be the easiest names to tackle. There\'s no shortage of R2-D2 kitchen accessories or Game of Thrones figurines to buy this year. But if you\'re looking to think outside of the box, to skip the half-assed t-shirt with a screen print of a Stormtrooper and find something more unique, you\'ve come to the right place. Ahead, we\'ve searched high and low for the most unexpected fan-friendly gifts around. Whether your giftee identifies as a Potterhead, Trekkie, a Beatlemaniac, Whovian, Disneyphile, Star Wars fanatic, gamer, Sanrio obsessor, or a member of them all, we\'ve got a gift in mind for every one of them. When you play a game of thrones gifting