29 Oversized Sweaters For Those Who Want To Go Big

Name a more iconic winter duo than Lenny Kravitz and his giant scarf...we\'ll wait. The iconic photo of the singer strolling down a city street wearing a colossal scarf exudes excess and the memes it inspired will live on forever. Oversized sweaters are exaggerated, low-key dramatic, and most of all comfortable to the core. And since winter is coming — as you\'ve likely heard a Game of Thrones fan declare at some point in the past few weeks — we took a page from Lenny\'s book and went on the hunt for some big-time knits.The comfort of a roomy sweater is undeniable. Whether it\'s hand-knit from your grandma or the product of some weekend retail therapy, everyone should consider hunkering down in a wearable tent of snuggly softness. Plus, nothing looks better when you\'re curled up by a warm fire with a cup of hot cocoa — not that we\'d suggest any pre-orchestrated \"in the moment\" Instagram captures for your upcoming ski trip trip — if it happens, so be it. So, let\'s get down to the kn