29 Genius Amazon Gifts For The Last-Minute Shopper

We already know you spend a healthy chunk of your shopping time cruising through Amazon. We’re right there with you. Where else can you find a cool handbag, a bulk-pack of toilet paper, and a couch for your new apartment all in one place? No surprise that the mega-retailer is also a treasure trove for unique present ideas as well. But if you’re a last-minute shopper, the endless digital shelves can feel beyond overwhelming. That’s why we’re saving you the time with a curated range of trinkets for everyone on our list, which are all guaranteed to be delivered by December 25.But here’s the thing: In order to ensure the items hit that doorstep for the holiday, you must order by December 22 with an Amazon Prime account for free two-day shipping. Don’t have it yet? Lucky for you, there’s a 30-day free trial period available to test it out (you can also give the gift of Amazon Prime as well if you’re feeling generous). After you’re signed up, keep scrolling to uncover gifts