25 Gold Hoop Earrings To Buy Now And Wear Forever

We all have a pair of earrings we wouldn't mind wearing every single day. One that's been a crowd favorite since 2500 BC? Gold hoops. Whether worn close to the earlobes, as big as can be, or even doubled-up, you can count on these earrings to add a subtle statement to your outfit no matter the size or quantity. Their classic style with diverse nuances is what's made them go through generation to generation always feeling fresh, never antiquated. That's why, in our books, they're such a season-less staple.

Sure, you can associate the shine the gold radiates with much warmer and sunnier days, but that's why we'll be wearing them all through winter too (and beyond), because it's not like we're already counting how many days are left until spring (91 days, fyi). So, to keep our gold hoop repertoire ever growing we've rounded up 25 gold hoop earrings from brands we already love and new designers we can't wait to try.