21 Gorgeous Jumpsuits For When You're Over Dresses

When your brain is swirling with a mile-long to-do list (welcome to the holiday season), trying to muster up a presentable outfit to tackle the day is probably the last thing you want to figure out. That\'s why we often rely on those one-and-done essentials you can throw on, add shoes, and be done with. Yes, a statement dress fits the bill, but a festive jumpsuit dials up a look even more thanks to their inherently fashion-forward nature and ability to be dressed up or down.But with the vast selection of options out there and only so much precious time, finding the perfect style can lead to more stress. To that, we\'re checking the convenience box right here with 21 A+ jumpsuits sure to impress.Whether you\'re planning a NYE look (dressy), looking for a new going-out \'fit (dressy-casual), or just want something chill to wear hanging with your crew (casual), the jumpsuits ahead—organized from formal to dressy-casual—are guaranteed to jump to the front of your closet and make getting dr