15 Designer Pieces To Shop On eBay

eBay serves as a marketplace for multitudes of people. It\'s comparable to a very well organized and labeled garage sale, if those exist. There are weird hidden things in the corners if you know the right searches (à la @ebaybae) and trending fake designer pieces shipped from a mysterious shop in China, but what we’re here for are the authentic designer steals. It can be a tough, confusing space, with its bidding rules and too-many-acronyms. But type in “vintage your favorite designer” and you’ll find pieces that you never realized existed from labels you love. You can virtually hop in a DeLorean and time travel to designers past when you’ve got the right keywords on eBay – and shop pieces you may not have considered affordable at their original retail price.Following an hour-long internal debate with myself, I bought myself a pair of Prada heels that I meant to include in this story (fingers crossed they fit; if not, I\'ll pass along the link). After spending only a minimal