This Fledgling Modeling Agency Is The World’s First For Dark-Skinned Women

While New York Fashion Week is finally making consistent strides toward true diversity, London Fashion Week still has a quite a ways to go. But former model Kereen Hurley wants to change that. The 23-year-old started London-based modeling agency Choco Models in 2016. \"That’s when I first noticed the effects of colorism in the Black community,\" she tells Refinery29, citing trolling, mistreatment, and other forms of discrimination on social media. \"That’s why I started it, because of discrimination and how [people with] darker skin tones were treated.\"The fashion industry, she argues, struggles to accept dark-skinned models thanks to tokenism, which dictates that there can only be one Black girl on a runway or at a shoot – one who is usually fair-skinned with Euro-centric facial features. There were the makeup artists on set would told Hurley they’ve never done a look on a Black girl. And the shoots and shows where she says she was the only Black girl. “I had trouble joining ag


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