Anthony Bourdain's Legacy Will Be Taught At This University


The late Anthony Bourdain taught the world many things through his travels, television shows and books, and now his legacy is the topic of a university class in Louisiana.

That's right, the great chef's life and work will be the topic of a class at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana, reports People magazine.

The course, which will begin next spring, will focus on Bourdain's writings and television shows. It will be taught by film studies professor Todd Kennedy, a long-time fan of Bourdain's. The professor made the big announcement on Twitter.

"What he did is so unique,” Kennedy told People. “We talk about connections between literature and film and art and politics and history, but we’re always trained to talk about them separately. He goes all in and puts all those things, along with food, in conversation to try to understand the culture he’s looking at. And that speaks to people.”

The good news is the class will also be available online.


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