Sake Restaurant & Bar Review Melbourne Australia

Sake Restaurant & Bar

100 St Kilda Rd | Hamer Hall, Arts Centre, Melbourne, Victoria 3004, Australia
+61 3 8687 0775

 Bug Tail Tempura Pink Pepper Coriander Amazu Ponzu

Eel Unagi

Sunday is a Great Day at Sake. The architecture and interior design both conspire to delight your senses, window table onto the Yarra Walk delightful; and then comes the service and food: 
ALL impeccable

If you are brave you can opt for the “endless Veuve Cilcquot” and trust me, your glass is never less than brimming with the lovely golden nectar.
It’s such a pleasure to be able to 100% thank and recommend a restaurant in Melbourne for all of the very best reasons.

Nigiri Moriawase

Relax and delight your senses.

A Definite 5 

Also every few weeks, the endless champagne is DOM.

What more can I say? Foodie Heaven .