Restaurant Bans Children to Punish Bad Parents


The Oma’s Küche restaurant in Binz recently brought in a no-child policy after the owner, Rudolf Markl, said he was tired of parents who couldn’t control their kids.

No children after 5pm is the new rule which Markl said was created to produce an “oasis of peace” for diners after a set of particular unruly children broke some antique photo stands in the dining room. Markl told that parents usually acknowledge these issue “with a smile, keep on eating, and don’t care at all.”

Ironically, the restaurant’s name translates to ‘Grandma’s Kitchen’ in English but the new rule means those cute grandchildren will certainly not be welcome at night.

It’s perfectly legal for owners to decide who can dine inside their restaurant, but is a ban like this correct? Should there be restaurants without children? Should the ban apply to only some children? Or, as many are commenting online, should it be the unruly parents who are banned? We actually looked at an idea where restaurants could review diners - would that be a better answer?

Also, while they’re busy setting up an “Oasis of Peace”, does that mean Instagram at the table is also banned? And what happens when a parent inevitably breaks a plate?