How To Freeze Raspberries


Throughout the summer, the raspberry delights us with its pleasant acidity and lightness. So when autumn comes around we are already longing for its return the following year. Why wait so long, when it is possible to enjoy the sweetness of raspberries all year round?

We explain to you how to freeze raspberries so you can use them decorate your yogurts and to make pretty pies without waiting for the next summer.


The first thing to know is that raspberries will be relatively well preserved provided you follow some instructions.

The first is to never freeze the raspberries directly on a tray because they risk sticking together. If the raspberries freeze into a solid mass it will be impossible to use them individually for decorating a white chocolate and raspberry tart, for example, as you will only be able to use as a "mush" over yogurt or ice cream.

To keep them intact, start by washing them and drying them, before spreading them on a plate covered with cling film. Place this plate in the freezer and when the raspberries are frozen, pack them away in a plastic container or in a freezer bag to occupy less space.

You can use them throughout the winter, until the following summer!

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