Future Kitchen Island Designs Include Self-Stirring Pans


We spend a lot of time at FDL HQ discussing future food trends, what we will be eating, cooking and seeing on our plates in the years to come. But what about the technology behind our cooking? What about the kitchens where all our cooking takes place?

With this in mind we decided to take a look at some of the futuristic kitchen island designs being produced at the moment, with a view of trying to understand just how modern our kitchens can look right now and what they might look like in the future.

Trust us, as this 10 second video shows, there's lots of interesting ideas being produced.

Animalistic Design

Let's start with Oppein Swan - something that looks like it landed from a Ridley Scott movie. The swan name comes from the beautiful kitchen hood design which arcs beautifully over the stovetop, like the neck of a swan. The island will hold and charge devices, provide extra electronic ports hidden inside, lots of storage and some cool built in hands-free devices for recipe monitoring.

Architectural Design

Zaha Hadid was one of the world's most prolific architects, leaving behind a number of modern architectural masterpieces. Her company was also responsible for the design of sone of the most beautiful kitchen islands we've seen with her Z-Island: a collobaruoon between Enestomeda and DuPont.

Unfortunately, the wonderful design, which featured 2000 LEDs in the surface of the island and focused on creating a multi-sensory approach to cooking was only ever a concept. However, Hadid did follow up with a second set of kitchen islands made alongside the design firm, Boffi. Called the Boffi Cove, the design features the distinct lines and unique shapes and form Hadid was known for in her creations.
The late architect’s design firm do not disappoint when it comes to kitchen islands.

Hi-Tech Kitchen Design

Panasonic have been showing off some series tech with their Smart Kitchen concept that offers up all manner of gadgets, including a table that can cook food for guests separately: that means steak at different styles all served at the same time.

The kitchen also comes fitted with a smart fridge that shows off temps, cooking tips and a personal assistant chef to help with recipes. There's also the ability to have the stove stir food for you, which means perfect risotto without standing next to the pan. Another cool feature is that the induction top can heat anywhere, it detects the shape and size of a pan and gives heat only to that area, allowing users to cook with as many pans as they can fit on the unit.

Eco Kitchen Design

Hyundai have been working on a number of concepts that will help people grow their own produce in the future with their hydroponic nano garden concept.

The kitchen unit - which would be an add on to any kitchen - has its own lighting water and nutrient delivery system - it's also made very simple for users to care and grow perfect produce. It gets smarter with the introduction of a natural air purifier to eliminate unwanted odours.

Another cool concept along these line is one designed by Antoine Lebrun for Brandt. The island sees a green space right at the center as the kitchen itself becomes the growing space.

Futuristic Design

Ikea - not the name you'd expect to find linked to the kitchen of the future but the Swedish furniture firm has spent a lot of time, energy and cash on developing ideas and concepts for the future of the kitchen.

One of their projects, featured in the video below, outlines the company's vision for the kitchen of 2025. The kitchen is designed for drone delivery, comes fitted with responsive counters that display info on each ingredient and can also offer suggestions and tips on how to cook them.