Food Infographic: 47 Herb and Spice Pairings with Wine


We've already looked at how to pair food with herbs and spices, but when it comes to pairing a dish with pronounced earthy herbs or warm spices, how confident are you about choosing the right wine for the occasion?

Harmonious food and wine pairing can really elevate a dinner, especially when pairing herbs and spices with wine as they can magically amplify those characteristic aromas found in wines. But understanding which style of wines best pairs with which flavours can get confusing.

Learn all about herbs and spices

Fortunately, this handy infographic from Winefolly takes away the guesswork by categorising families of some of the most popular spices and further defining which type of wine should be enjoyed with each herb, from sparkling to dessert, with the whites and reds in between.

So, if you're cooking a rich earthy stew laden with rosemary, try filling your glass with a full-bodied shiraz zinfandel or conversely, if you're talking sharp piquant flavours like sushi with a wasabi kick, go for an aromatic white, like chenin blanc.

Have a look, and try out the ideas next time you have a herb or spice driven dish.