Chef\'s Table Season Five Is Coming!


Everyone’s favorite food show is coming back with the announcement of Chef’s Table Season Five, due to air on the Netflix on September 28th.

During a recent talk in Modena at the announcement for the Basque Culinary World Prize, producer of the series, David Gelb, spoke about how they had been challenging themselves to produce something different this time after Gelb received a parody of his own series that he said was very accurate.

Gelb actually played the funny video to the audience, explaining how it had challenged him and the creators of the series to focus even more on stories, the utter dedication of each of the chefs they feature and to widen their net when looking for exactly what type of chefs the series should feature. Recent series of the show have certainly featured chefs from different disciplines with Ivan Ramen in New York and Jeong Kwan - the Zen Buddhist who cooks unbelievably beautiful cuisine at her temple in South Korea, both making season three. With this in mind, it will be interesting to see where Gelb and his team go with the award winning show.

For now, producers are tight lipped on who will feature, only that there will be four new chefs taking part in season five of the hit show.

Here’s a look back at season three…