Alain Ducasse is Fighting to Retain His Eiffel Tower Restaurant


Alain Ducasse has started court proceedings after loosing a 10-year tender for the Eiffel Tower space he has occupied with his Jules Verne’s restaurant for a decade.

Ducasse was beaten to the tender by fellow French chefs Frederic Anton and Thierry Marx who applied to run the second-floor restaurant, a brasserie on the first floor and a snack counter. AFP reports, Ducasse "has reacted furiously to his ouster" from the space.

The grievance from Ducasse’s side comes from what he and his lawyers are calling a ‘conflict of interest’ within the company that rated the different bids for the space. This is because they claim the consulting company used for this process had previously worked with both Marx and Anton.

SETE, the company that operate the legendary Eiffel Tower which received over six million visitors in 2017 alone, said Marx and Anton were chosen because they offered dining options that cater to to all budgets. They also preferred their plan to give priority to local products and minimise food waste.

The one-star Jules Verne restaurant has some of the most impressive views of the French capital, sitting way above the Seine river it offers one of the most classic atmospheres in Paris. The experience menu at the restaurant costs €190 for five courses and €230 for six, the paired wine options are €95 for five glasses and €120 for six.

Ducasse will not be simply stepping away from the space with proceeding now underway in France's commercial court. An outcome is expected on August 28th.