A Bird\'s Eye View: the 2018 Drone Awards


A look at some food related pictures from the 2018 Drone Awards, a new photo contest that recognizes the best aerial photographs taken with drones.
A Bird's Eye View: the 2018 Drone Awards

In just the first year the 2018 Drone Awards, a new photo contest run by the organizers of the Siena International Photography Awards, has recognized the best aerial photographs taken with drones.

This kind of photography, which reveal earth’s surface from a very high point of view, has become more accessible thanks to drones, unmanned aerial vehicles that allow to take pictures from a great distance. A new wave a “aerial photographers” is using this technology to create powerful images that give an interesting point of view of the world beyond its surface appearance.

The first edition of the photographic contest received more than 4400 submissions by talented professional photographers and photo (and drone) enthusiasts coming from 101 countries all over the world.


The Drone Awards Photographer of the Year was awarded to Florian Ledoux, a photographer from France.

The jury composed by a group of internationally recognized photography also gave prizes in six categories to 46 other photographers from 39 countries around the world.

The winning photographers in the six categories are: ­
Abstract: Ovi D. Pop, Romania
Nature: Gabriel Scanu, Australia
People: Shui Qinghua, China ­
Sport: Riemersma Vincent, The Netherlands ­
Wildlife: Barker Adam, USA
Urban: Cattuto Francesco, Italy

To see the complete list of the winning photographs, click here. These pictures will be displayed at the Sky’s the Limit exhibition which will be held in Siena next November, in the occasion of the 2018 Siena International Photo Awards Festival.

We have selected some amazing food-related pictures from 2018 Drone Awards: enjoy! (click on the images to enlarge)

Abstract - Commended: Lobster Village by Trung Pham Huy © 2018 Art Photo Travel

Urban - Commended: Fishing Village by Stuart Chape © 2018 Art Photo Travel

Wildlife - Winner: Blacktip Shark by Adam Barker © 2018 Art Photo Travel

People - Commended: Fishing on Mud by Joao Galamba © 2018 Art Photo Travel

People - Highly Commended: Women Rice Farmers by Keyvan Jafari © 2018 Art Photo Travel

Abstract - Commended: Jellyfish by Hector Rivera © 2018 Art Photo Travel