Sydney's Quay Restaurant Re-Opens


Following a three month redesign, one of Australia's most celebrated restaurants, Quay, has re-opened, with a few surprises in store.

While acclaimed Australian chef Peter Gilmore remains at the helm in the kitchen and the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House dining room views remain unsurpassed, gone are the tablecloths, as is the a la carte menu and the famous snow egg dessert.

Downsizing from 100 to 80 covers, the inside of the restaurant has been totally transformed to instead offer diners a more intimate dining experience complete with more personalised service and an individually controlled lighting experience.

Gilmore and team have totally re-invented the food with a 10-course tasting menu that plays with new ingredients, flavours and textures. (A pared-down six-course menu will also be served on select days).

Oyster (see below) kicks off the menu, with Gilmore re-creating the texture of oysters whilst retaining their beloved flavour in an oyster cream and oyster crackling topped off with Ossetra caviar, served inside a ceramic oyster shell and eaten with a mother of pearl spoon.

While, in a brave move Gilmore closes the menu with new creation 'white coral' in place of the legendary snow egg dessert (previously ordered by up to 70% of diners) – a fluffy white chocolate ganache that's been aerated and frozen to resemble a porous piece of coral that's then smashed with a spoon by the diner to blend the flavours with a feijoa ice cream and coconut cream.

There will also be three drinks pairing options available, including an non-alcoholic offering.

Take a look at some of the new dishes from the Quay menu below, following which you might want to snag a table through their website!

Oyster intervention

Pea garden miso, anchovy

Sand crab Tennouji turnip kombu, squid, Wakefield cabbage

Tasmanian uni, winter broth

Maremma duck, slow cooked carrots, red dates, karkalla

White Coral feijoa, white chocolate, coconut